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November 20-23 NCSS Conference in Boston

Well we started with 10 ideas and once we multiplied it with primary sources we loved, and great tools to use, we ended up with over 250 ideas for using primary sources in the classroom! History, Art, Historic Preservation,'s all there!

We are thrilled to be presenting at the National Council for Social Studies (#NCSS14) and even happier that we can share our love of primary sources and technology with participants and friends at the conference in Boston.

We are deeply proud to be part of the team from the Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources Regional Center in Colorado who are presenting in Boston and will be tweeting out resources this week (and next) to showcase ideas on how to merge Web 2.0 and Social Media tools with the rich collections and digital resources from the Library of Congress.

If you don't know about the Library of Congress TPS program check out their links here:

Here's a list of great tools and ideas! Check some of them out and bring non-fiction, primary sources, critical thinking, and 21st century skills into your classroom!Check out the links below for social studies, literacy, student engagement, science, math, art, architecture, and historic preservation ideas using primary sources from the Library of Congress ( )

Enjoy...and ask questions and contribute your thoughts at #psgeek and We will be answering and continuing to share! 

Teaching Strategies: 

We brainstormed, piloted, tried them out, and worked together on harnessing the power of Web 2.0 Tools and Social Media to bring learning alive with primary sources! Each link will take you to a page filled with resources and ideas using that particular tool and primary sources you select. 

October Metro State Social Media Conference

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February 28, 2014 Metro State Teacher Librarian Days

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July 19, 2013  Michelle attends Biennial of Americas Summit on Education

June 17, 2013 Laura attends TIE in Copper Mountain Technology in Education   All of the conference material was made available inside of Schoology

Headed to Oregon this month for a two day professional development workshop on technology!  Here is they flyer sent out by their Superintendent advertising our training.  There were over 100 people who signed up in less than 30 minutes!  We are excited to collaborate with them.
We are presenting three sessions at InnEdCo this year and one at the Colorado Educators Initiative Conference in Vail! Here are the resources and links to all four presentations! Enjoy!!

Session 1 - 21st Century Learning K-8 Unit Plans, Rubrics and Assessments

Session 2 - 20 Technology Tools SLAM - 20 Tools and how we use them is the classroom!  You have editing rights so feel free to add ideas to this document and share with others!  

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Session 3 - How Assessment, Standards and Technology Go Together!