Primary Sources and Symbaloo: Organization and Curation in Action!


Examples of Symbaloos ( Psssttttt...... make sure to check out the Primary Source Symbaloo!) 

And you can place this in the classroom by implementing the following:

  • Collect a series of primary sources resources that can be accessed by students like a bookmark list. Visually categorize the buttons so that students can organize their resources and access primary sources easily. Use Primary Source birthday list.
  • Symbaloo allows you to deconstruct a difficult or messy website into easier to find components for research.

  • Symbaloo allows you to archive and curate primary source pictures, sites and documents in one easy to access place.  
  • Use a Symbaloo to organize student end of the year presentations for a parent showcase
  • Have students use a Symbaloo to organize textual primary sources and quotes for research purposes.
  • Students can use Symbaloo to collect music primary sources and create their own curated music list for presentations and access at a later time.
  • Students can use Symbaloo to collect primary sources to document the significance of an historic place and then write a nomination of that place for a local historic designation.
  • Use Symbaloo to organize primary sources that represent architectural features in your community creating an online reference dictionary for students.

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