Microblogs: Little By Little for BIG Effect and Learning


Ways to Use This Tool With Primary Sources:

  • Colonial signs - add a sign to Tumbler and add 4 other sources.  Why was a cobbler important to the economy, why was the cobbler important to the local economy.  Tag with the whole class and create a whole pictures of the colonial economy for the students to follow.

  • Have students create a Tumblr post with 5 connected textual documents on an event in American or world history. In the tumblr blog have them describe how the documents are connected, the importance of the event and how these documents contribute to an understanding of the event calling out quotes and any other pertinent information.

  • Have students use a historical broadside and using tumblr connect photos, music, letters, etc to that broadside explaining WHY the broadside was created, the point of view, and the impact the broadside could have had during the time it was created.

  • Have students create a Tumblr post highlighting change over time in a particular theme using historic photos. Use the annotation tool to provide context for the theme and key information.

  • Use Tumblr to create a group of primary sources that highlight a contemporary conflict or event in a student’s community to provide a local connection to history.

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