Primary Source Tuesday: Part Two ~ Inquiry Infographics

Well we couldn't leave it at one, we had to create two more. These resources are based on the immensly successful Stripling Inquiry Model which is employed by the Teaching With Primary Sources Program at the Library of Congress ~ your national library!  Included below are a student worksheet in the form of an infographic, and a teacher/student reference sheet referring to key questions using inquiry in the classroom. You will notice that many of the questions directly tie to excellent classroom practice as well as National Common Core State Standards. (In particular the evidence-based learning items which is one of the main shifts in learning in the literacy standards.)

You can find more information on the Stripling Model of Inquiry at : http://www.loc.gov/teachers/tps/quarterly/inquiry_learning/pdf/inquiry_learning.pdf

And the charts can be found at:

Teacher Resource Primary Source Inquiry Infographic:

Student Resource Primary Source Inquiry infographic:

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