Make it GREAT Using Primary Sources and Easelly


5 Ways to Use This Tool With Primary Sources:

  • Have students use an Easelly to showcase their thinking process around a set of primary sources using the Stripling Model of Inquiry. Students can use the graphics and text to explain how they came to their conclusions, what they researched, and their plans for using the information they have found.

  • Students can use an Easelly to document their work in a RQI session (Right Question Institute) and the investigation questions and resources they will be using to study a topic at hand.

  • Students can compare and contrast a historic picture with a more recent picture and evaluate changes that have taken place and determine why things changed or why they didn’t.  

  • Have students collect primary sources from a current election on candidates. After analyzing the primary sources, students can create a series of infograms which highlight the platforms of the candidates based on their research and then they can compare and contrast the candidates statements with the local, state, and national party platforms.

  • Analyze a series of primary sources that include data and create a graphic to show the results.  For example, study the employment rates of a geographic area through primary sources and show the history of job growth or decline.

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