Tweet Away!


Ways to Use This Tool With Primary Sources:

  • Have students collect a series of primary sources which highlight an important day in history (Today in History is a good example from the LOC.gov site.  http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/today/today.html ) and create a Twitter post using the primary and secondary sources to share with their audience to let them know what is important about a particular day. If this was done with planning, these videos could be shared throughout the school year as part of announcements etc.

  • Students have to be critical thinkers in order to promote or teach about a primary source in 130 characters.  Promote great writing and authentic audience!

  • Speed dat with a primary source asking questions of the primary source. Assign one tea of students to research the primary source and take the role of the people in an image or text selection. Then have the rest of the class use Twitter to ask questions of the "primary source." Students assigned to that primary source can then answer them through #twitter.

  • Use Twitter to brainstorm an appropriate caption for a primary source after analysis.

  • Use Twitter to call out unclear vocabulary in a primary source.

  • Students can share their other Web 2.0 creations through twitter to expand knowledge and exposure to primary sources.  Share your Animoto about the presidential elections for example!

  • Use Twitter as a backchannel in the classroom collecting ideas about a set of primary sources. Use those ideas to formulate a context for a topic that fits the primary sources.

  • Use Twitter and a primary source and question away posting on twitter with a determined hashtag that allows the class to review questions for next steps in researching.

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