Meograph: Primary Source Journeys


5 Ways to Use This Tool With Primary Sources:

  • Meograph allows students to create a video, timeline and show movement on Google Earth all in one place!  Students can show the travels of the immigrant populations that colonized or came to America.  

  • Use Meograph to analyze primary sources to tell the life story of one historical figure showing their travels.

  • Analyze a historical fiction novel and identify the historical events, locations or artifacts mentioned in the book.  Show the journeys of the characters and events in the book through this interactive tool.

  • Using a historic site and the primary sources there, trace immigrant grous in and out of that historic site. As an example, Bessmer Historic Site and MIll housed 29 immigrant groups during it’s heyday. These groups came to Bessmer across the country, and then after the mill closed left to establish cities and towns in other places. Using primary source photos, diaries, newspapers, and other resources trace the history of an immigrant worker in a state or specific historic location.

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