Blabberize: Adding Voice to Primary Sources


Ways to Use This Tool With Primary Sources:

  • Metzgar Farm Examples  We partnered with a local historical farm and had our kids meet with the local experts to find out more about the farm, animals who live there and plants that grow on this farm.  The students created a Blabberize for each animal that lives on the farm and we placed a QR code on the Metzger Farm signs to lead community members back to the student-created site to learn more about the farm, animals and plants they might meet on the farm!

  • Have students use the mouth tool in Blabberize to tell the story of a primary source in first person.  They can “become” an historic figure and tell about their motivations, speeches or actions during their lifetime.

  • Have students use Blabberize to give a speech from a particular point of view after they have analyzed and synthesized multiple documents.

  • Have students take on the role of a historic building and have the building tell a tale of the inhabitants and history to use as a way to attract visitors to the historic site.

  • Students can also tell the story of a group using multiple mouth tools.  Tell the story of a Civil War Battle from multiple points of view.

*** One note on Blabberize - we have found that it works best if you use Internet Explorer as your browser.

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