SpicyNodes: Powerful Mind Mapping for Learning

We LOVE using SpicyNodes as presentation tools and a mind map for students. We feel that it is a great interactive tool for planning research, collaborating online, and presenting content and visual thinking. Try it out with primary sources! 

We have used it with the fantastic LOC.gov Primary Source Analysis Tool connecting the analysis columns in a visual way for learning. Take a look at this example: SpicyNodes: Mystery Photo Billings

Students use it in learning as well: 

Geography: Europe
Tying Literature to Geography and History: Revolutionary War and Johnny Tremain

Here are some other ways to use this tool with primary sources: 
  • Have students brainstorm questions about primary sources using the RQI (http://rightquestion.org/) protocol. Using the tool have students separate out their questions and work with them during the activity.
  • Flip your classroom and have students collaborate on a SpicyNode and analyze a primary source BEFORE class online and then bring the discussion into class the next day. 
  • Have students collect primary sources in a SpicyNode and use them for planning and inquiry
  • Upload a series of primary sources into SpicyNodes and use them as a presentation tool in the classroom annotating them with comments from students as you go. 
  • Use SpicyNodes to plan research
  • Use SpicyNodes to document elements of a historical building's architecture and then use these elements to provide a narrative description about the significance of the site

We feel that Spicy Nodes gives a great description of their tool and have included it below: 
Visualize your thoughts.

Thoughts are rarely linear, and SpicyNodes can help you organically map them in a way that maximizes flexibility. Nodes capture your thoughts, and the connections between nodes give you the opportunity to see both the big picture and the tiniest nuances. The result? An ideal tool for anyone to improve understanding, brainstorming, and planning — especially for multifaceted issues.

Give them a structure.

Your concept map is limited only by your imagination and can be used for almost any purpose — from expanding upon a single topic to exploring a broad set of ideas or processes. Your map can be published on your web site or blog, allowing you to share and collaborate. SpicyNodes can aid in study, organization, problem solving, decision making, planning and writing.
And share them.

Spicy Nodes are interactive and allow groups to collaborate zooming in to small details and out to see the big picture.  

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