Library Catalog Search Options Can Make You a Better Teacher!

School Libraries are able to offer search options that make sense for their patrons!  My school offers a catalog that kids and teachers can search by DRA reading level, lexile level, reading comprehension quiz programs Accellerated Reading, Reading Counts and by reading strategies.  Students can target titles that are available in their DRA range or push themselves to the next level.  Teachers can search by a reading strategy like summarizing to find titles that will help them to teach that strategy.  What does your Library Catalog offer to help you become an even better teacher?


Saving Places Conference: Learning Together


We are excited to join our Historic Preservation and Communications buddies to present at the annual Colorado Preservation Inc Saving Places Conference. Great learning and collaboration takes place each year at this conference and we love sharing new ideas that benefit our historic places.

Once again we join with another geek we love to share some new tech tools that can be used in the classroom and elsewhere. Check them out here!

10 Tech Tools for Historic Preservationists

And another resource sheet which we will add ideas to by Feb 4th


Then, fun happens while we talk about or work with gaming in the classroom to support engagement in learning about historic places, and join the City Planner from Florence, Colorado and game designer Wade Broadhead, to share some great thoughts and ideas about using gaming to learn about historic places. Bring your cards and Pokemon - we are set to GO!

Gaming for History


Hidden Figures: Resources for Discussion

For many, the new feature film Hidden Figures is a surprise. This story that few know, is a powerful one indeed, and one that can kickstart wonderful discussions about a variety of topics related to STEM, the power of thoughtful women making a difference in our world, civil rights, and the power of education. We have compiled a list of resources online to support teaching about the film as an effort to put them in one location for reference for educators.  Take the time to see the film- you will not be disappointed!

Resources for Hidden Figures

Articles/ Video Clips


Huffington Post:




Washington Post:




From Computers to Leaders: Women at NASA:

Family Discussion Guide:

Lesson Plans

NASA Modern Figures Toolkit:

Who is Katherine Johnson:

HS Level (Could be adapted)
American Institute of Physics:

Oral HIstory:

NASA Johnson

People Behind the Movie:

Mrs. Obama:

A Mind Doesn’t Have Color:

Pharrell Williams Video:

MAKERS: Clip of Katherine Johnson explaining her story  

CBSN: Overview   https://youtu.be/w2vXUyAgwo8

White House Event: Panel discussion with author of book, actors, and director.  Background info about the movie, how the actors became a part of this project, how the actors portrayed the real-life women. The whole panel discussion is inspirational, but when Michelle Obama speaks at the end her speech it is AMAZING! https://youtu.be/SY-Emk98wC0
*** the sound cuts out from 13:24-13:47


Author’s website:

Resources from Teaching Tolerance:


Green Screen and Do Ink Create Movie Masterpieces in Minutes!

A teacher asked if I could create a movie with a set of sight word flash cards.  She wanted the kids saying the word and showing the action over the top of the cards.  She hoped to be able to send it home for practice.  I had been waiting for the perfect opportunity to try Do Ink and a green screen!  This was my chance!  It turned out to be very easy and I finished it all in one day.  I put up a sheet of green butcher paper in the hallway which was very low budget but it was what I had.  I pulled kindergarten students into the hall, filmed them doing the action on a particular card and saved the movies to my iPad.  I then did another low budget move and just took pictures of the flash cards and saved those to my iPad.  I left school on time for once to attend a concert at the high school for my daughter.  As I stood in line waiting to get into the auditorium, I started to edit the movie.  It was so easy and fun!  I completed it before they started singing!   Check out the finished product and then follow the steps to create you own!


Here are a few steps to create a movie using Do Ink!

This is the final screen shot.  Notice the storyboard at the bottom.  The video should be on top so that you can superimpose it on top of your image easily.

Upload your picture and then use the edit button to edit the image.  You can see that my low budget day even included taking the picture on a school table!

Editing is so easy!

Rotate and resize the picture to fit the screen the way you want it to look!

Then import the video clip you want to use on top of the image and rotate and resize it.  Remember to be sure that the video is on the top line for the storyboard!

Use the Chroma tool to "remove" the green background and set the video over the image.

You can resize the video and place it over the image where you want it!  Brilliant!

It is addictive!  Create a video!  Use Do Ink!  Now I can't wait to try the animation app and add more bells and whistles to my videos!  Do Ink has a tutorial too!  Click here to see their tutorial!