When you buddy up geeks with a bunch of city planners you get..... Some AMAZING educational resources!

We love collaborating with planners, historic preservationists, and other geeks to introduce planning concepts to students and career paths in STEM and City Planning which students may have not considered. But really -- we just love the collaborative critical thinking exercises, focus groups, real-world applications of learning and everything else that these amazing parttnerships can offer! We are sharing many of these with the APA Colorado folks this year and are excited to learn together, Interested in exploring how students can engage in planning conversations? Check out our conference presentation HERE. Wanna learn more about APP Smashing and how we use Adobe Spark for classrooms and communities? Check out this presentation HERE. Find your inner-planning geek and think about how you can collaborate to bring the world to your students in the classroom- planners know how!

Honoring the 20th Anniversary of 9-11 with Teaching Resources

People have been asking so we have compiled an expanded list of teacher and student resources for teaching 9-11 from many requests from colleagues in the last two weeks. We started with a list from several years ago, and built it out even more (Nothing like going down a rabbit hole of memory and history! Please feel free to access if you would like resources for your classroom. We have separated our some of the content for age level appropriateness, but as always it is best to preview any content of this nature before using. My we never forget. #91120thanniversary You can find our resources HERE.


Teacher Librarian Days 2021


TLD 2021! We love participating in this annual conference hosted by the Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources (TPS) Western Region.  It will be a little bit different this year with virtual sessions and keynotes throughout the week.  It will be held online and the schedule will be sprinkled throughout the week of Feb. 22nd to 26th, 2021.  You can find one of the Geeky Teachers in most sessions either moderating or supporting but we are also leading a few.  We are excited about all of the sessions and speakers.  You will find nuggets of primary source gold sprinkled throughout sessions including Morning Mocha, Goosechase Digital Scavenger Hunt, Whova, and Keynote sessions each night.  Click HERE to find more information.

The Goosechase Digital Scavenger hunt will give participants the opportunity to earn some great prizes like printers, chromebooks and $100 Amazon giftcards! This is also a wonderful way to find primary source resources for use in your classroom.

Join us for some Morning Mocha on Tuesday where we will be talking Technology Tips and some of our favorite tech tool upgrades.  We are excited to collaborate on a Wakelet Shared Space.  Even if you're not able to come to the conference, you can get all of our information by joining this Wakelet Space.  When you do, please feel free to collaborate and add to the space!  We are all better when we share together which is the beauty of conferences. 

Our 2021 Technology Tuesday Tech Tools Presentation:



We love space and space projects and one of our favorite ones is the #MarsPerseverance project and the #Perseverance is landing today at 3:55 EST. Join us in following the mission and sharing in the learning with the resources below from NASA. Are your names on the rover? Ours are and we are excited!  

Information for Classroom Use

Landing information on the Mars Rover “Perseverance”


Landing 1:55 MST TODAY

MiIssion Overview

NASA Perseverance Link

What does the spacecraft look like? 

Spacecraft Design

What will Perseverance do? 

Perseverance Surface Operations

Fun Stuff ! 

Mars Pictures - Watch out this is fun! 

NASA Photo Booth

Sounds of Mars

Sounds of Mars Page from NASA

All things MARS from NASA

NASA Resource List


Saving Places Conference Reinventing Outreach

Join us for some Saving Places fun this week!  You will find us talking about Adobe Spark and ways to support your preservation outreach with easy to implement ideas and targeted ways to partner with historic places, museums and schools! What a better way to broaden your outreach during this time and learn ways to engage others during the pandemic and post pandemic too! Find our Adobe Spark resources in our presentation HERE.

Ignite sessions will find us discussing ways to reinvent connecting your historic places to schools and teachers remotely.  We will be working together in this crowd sourced document and would love your ideas! Feel free to share yours using this FORM and we will add them to our master list and share with the community including educators in Colorado. We know there are great things happening in the field and we look forward to hearing about them.  Jump in and fill out this form, tell us what you have to share, and we will do the rest! 

Resources and Presents!: