Popplet For Collaborative Mind Mapping Around Images and Information!


I was introduced to Popplet through the Flat Classroom Project.  Kids from around the world are assigned to teams and we work with each other to create multi-media productions around a topic while communicating online and working through time, language and cultural differences.  We used Popplet to get organized and to discuss our ideas before we completed our final projects.  Below are some great ideas on how to use Popplet and some links to the completed mind maps we came up with during our projects.

Ways to Use This Tool With Primary Sources:

  • Popplet allows students to mindmap ideas or images in collaborative groups.  Students can comment, draw conclusions and add ideas to one primary source by drawing a line and adding their own bubble to that source.  Put a primary source poster in the center bubble and have students comment, add other pictures and ideas to demonstrate their understanding of this document.  Collaborations allows students to brainstorm and come up with more ideas and better understandings of a primary source.
  • Students can connect one mind map to another showing how different primary sources relate to each other.
  • Students can be assigned a certain color so that additions and ideas can be easily tracked by the individual
  • Popplet allows you to share and embed a mind map to share student thinking about a primary source and to get other people and experts to comment on a document or image.
  • We have also uploaded a primary source picture and discussed it using Popplet.  You can assign kids different colors and start new discussions and ideas.  Popplet is amazing!

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