Happy 15th Birthday Library of Congress!

15 Years of Colorado Dreamin’
Happy Birthday TLD!

We are excited to share resources from 15 years of collaboration with Teaching With Primary Sources - We love this program and here's our gift to you! Happy Birthday TPS Western Region!  

Top 15

15: The Library Gives the Gift of Learning and The Teaching With Primary Sources Project Launches

Using Inquiry in the Classroom with the Stripling Inquiry Model


14: Hispanic Experience in the classroom ( Spanish and English Constitution )

TECHNOLOGY: Using Adobe to annotate

PRIMARY SOURCE: Colorado Constitution

13: Exploring the West:  Oxbow Print



12: Western History Association Teacher Scholar Collaboration

PRIMARY SOURCE: Use your primary sources and connect with the Redd Award

11: Abe LIncoln Resources - Anniversary, Roosevelt, WHHA

STRATEGY: 4 - Fold

10: Western Region Project and TPS Teachers Network

9: Training Pre-service Teachers Through TPS

STRATEGY: Question Writer

8: Using Media in the Classroom: Rocky Mountain PBS

STRATEGY: Lateral Reading

7: Using Historic Places in the Classroom

STRATEGY: See, Think, Wonder

PRIMARY SOURCE: Habs Collection LOC.gov

6: Ludlow Anniversary Workshop

TECHNOLOGY: Using Voicethread resources to discuss historic places

PRIMARY SOURCE: Ludlow Workshop Resources

5: Using Primary and Secondary Secondary Sources in the Classroom - Colorado Encyclopedia

STRATEGY: Sentence, Phrase, Word

PRIMARY SOURCE: Colorado Encyclopedia

4: Summer STEAM Institute

3: Using Music in the Classroom ( Yankee Doodle )

STRATEGY: LIsten Hear!

2: Case Studies Using Primary Sources  STEM ( People and STEM )

STRATEGY: Save the Last Word for Me (viewing) - identify 3 artifacts, draw a conclusion, explain why, discuss using STLWFM

1: Using Visual Images in the Classroom : We need a good birthday print from the LOC.

STRATEGY: Caption Writer


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