Using Padlet and Primary Sources

Padlet is a powerful tool that can be used with primary sources and students so that they can write about the source, reflect on it, connect to it, and collaborate around the source using audio, visual tools, writing, and images.  Some of the suggestions we have below can be used with students in many different ways and are highly engaging for students. Try it - you will be surprised at how easy it is to use!

* Post a source and have students analyze it using Padlet boxes on the Padlet wall.

* Have students create a primary source of their own and use it to reflect on. Here students read Everybody Needs a Rock and then created their own rocks to share in their community. They then discussed the importance of their own primary source and shared the WHY on Padlet.

* Have students reflect on a primary source on the Padlet wall in one word and post.

* Post a primary source on Padlet and have students add additional connecting resources to it as a research tool.

* Upload a video, have students analyze it, and then ad other primary sources to the vidoe which enhance the collection of artifacts.

* Use Padlet as a tool for vocabulary instruction for students to build background knowledge prior to reading primary sources in an activity in the classroom.

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