Do Places Matter in the Classroom? Yes They Do!

Learning about the Devil's Den at Gettysburg National Park (March 2019) 

As educators one of the most important things we can do for our students is give them a connection to place.  By incorporating contemporary and historic sites during instruction, we are not only supporting our students in connecting to the world around us but we are also helping them to understand how places create the tapestry of the world we live in.  As you teach, feel free to access resources that have been on this blog ( ust search place and you will have them pop up!) before or the ones listed below- and feel free to reach out for ideas, collective brainstorming, and a little bit of fun too!

Ways to Use Primary Sources and Technology: 


Thinking ABOUT sheets: 

Thinking About ( Social Studies) 
Thinking About ( LOC Sheet )
Thinking About ( Preservation )

Links to Teaching with Historic Places Resources:

Teaching with Historic Places ( NPS )
Colorado Encyclopedia
Rocky Mountain PBS Colorado Experience Resources/Lessons
Office of Archeology and Historic Preservation COMPASS
Postcard Resources

How to Get Students More Involved: 

The Preserve America Youth Summit 
NPS Junior Ranger Program - Web Ranger

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