Introducing Teaching with Primary Sources Western Region Asynchronous Professional Development

We are so excited to announce that we our asynchronous courses are going live today!  They are organized in Google Classroom and you can work through the course at your own pace.  The TPS Western Region team is excited that you will be joining us for this course and we look forward to engaging with you online.  You can complete the course at your own pace between August 5th and Sept. 30th, 2020 in order to receive continuing education credit.

Please note, we’ve created this course to be completed in 16 hours, but please understand that your inquiry into each module might take more or less time. 

As a reminder you must have a gmail account in order to join the Google Classroom. If you do not have a gmail account, please sign up for one so that you can join. You can sign up for a free Gmail account at https://accounts.google.com. If you need help signing up for a free gmail account, please email tpscolorado@gmail.com .

Some components of each class are the same, some are different. Each class offers the use of technology tools, thinking and learning strategies, and an ELL component.

Introducing Teaching with Primary Sources Western Region Asynchronous Professional Development

Learn as your schedule allows and engage your students throughout the year!

Complete at your own pace between Aug. 5 - Sept. 30.

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Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of women winning the right to vote. 

We are excited to celebrate the 100th anniversary of women winning the right to vote! In this course you will immerse yourself in primary sources from this time period and learn about ways to engage your students in this important topic.  You’ll discover applications for primary source instruction and be exposed to new ways to utilize technology tools (such as Google Maps, Screencastify, Flipgrid, Hyperdocs, Google Docs, Padlet and Google Classroom) to collaborate, learn and share with your students.  You will spend time learning to search in the Library of Congress website and analyzing primary sources and reflect on how these resources can be used with students. The course offers ideas for application in the classroom, shared resources, and crowd-sourced lesson ideas for implementation in the classroom.
Ride the rails with the Teaching with Primary Sources team this summer.  

In this course we will use the building of the Transcontinental Railroad as a lens to  consider new viewpoints, conflicting visions, and little known stories that will help your students connect to meaningful inquiry and learning about this transformative era (late 1800’s and early 1900’s). Use technology tools such as Google Maps, Screencastify, Flipgrid, Hyperdocs, Google Docs, Padlet, Podcasts, Google Slides and Google Classroom and contribute and gain access to shared crowd-sourced resources, lesson ideas, and little known primary and secondary resources from the Library of Congress.
Explore primary and secondary resources pertaining to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) from the founding of our country to today.

From inventors to inventions, artists to engineers; explore how primary source materials, podcasts, and picture books can help you bring classroom learning alive whether in person or remote. Crowd-sourced resources from these activities can support inquiry in instruction in the classroom. Use technology tools such as Google Maps, Screencastify, Flipgrid, Google Docs for timeline creation, Hyperdocs, Padlet, Adobe Spark, Podcasts, and Google Classroom and see how inquiry and primary sources can make a meaningful difference in STEAM instruction.

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Contact the TPS Western Region team at tpscolorado@msudenver.edu

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