Bitmoji Fun & Course Development

We've been bitten by the Bitmoji Bug!  We are working on our summer professional development courses and thinking about how to create more engaging online courses for students!  We think Bitmoji classrooms are a great way to make the online classrooms more fun and to help students feel like they have a bit (or bitmoji) of their teacher with them in the course.  Here is a short introduction to a course we're creating on collaboration.  Notice the music, dancing and embedded audio in the classroom.  There are also links in the Bitmoji classroom and directions for the class.

  • Would you like to learn more about creating a Bitmoji Classroom?  Here are some guides and ideas
  • One of our favorite sets of Bitmoji classrooms are here for you to access.  Thank you to the teachers who are so willing to share with us and each other!  
  • Our next adventure is to create a Bitmoji movie from our iPhone!  

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