App Smashing and Building a Story of Community Engagement

One Pager Highlights and Resources
We are App Smashing today with a focus on Adobe Spark, Google My Maps and the ESRI Maps!  In our presentation you will learn how to navigate and use Google My Maps with students, explore how a community, a classroom, and see how a wild idea is making a difference for our community using primary sources and historic places.  We were able to partner with our local City Planner in order to navigate the Esri maps and add our student information to their city maps and resources.  Students learned about maps, historic locations, research and new career options.  It was an amazing collaboration and we learned from each other.  We were able to introduce our City Planner to Google My Maps
Lesson Plans, Resources and Crowd Sourced Ideas - Add Yours! 
and show him how to navigate this easy to use platform for making maps, adding information, pictures and ideas in a quick powerful way.  Adding student research and primary sources created in Adobe Spark to the map markers made the maps more interesting, engaging and showcased the incredible historic locations that are all around us! For more information, check out our presentation embedded below or at this link.  Our webinar recording is available here and will walk your through all of the details.  Happy App Smashing! 

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