Examples of using Voice Thread: 

5 Ways to Use This Tool With Primary Sources:

  • Have students use Voice Thread to collectively analyze a primary source using the Library of Congress analyzation tool questions.

  • Using the drawing tools in the Voice Thread have a classroom analyze one small portion of the primary source . THEN, with multiple classrooms doing a primary source, multiple perspectives and analyzations emerge.

  • Have students collaborate with family or community members to comment on primary sources.  Have students show their grandparents or other community members how to call in or use the recorder to tell the story of the primary source, family history or immigration of their family to America.  

  • Using Voice Thread crowd sources a document. A recent example is a primary source -- burial list for a local cemetery) was loaded into Voice Thread. Community members were given the link and asked to look at the primary source. Using this tool they were able to call in and give any identifying information on the primary source providing unknown information. This info will be used to assist with national register nomination for the site.

  • Using a collection of primary sources have teachers use VoiceThread to collaborate to discuss the context in which they will teach the primary sources, the extension activities with the primary sources, and how they will differentiate with students using those sources.

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