TLD 2022 Teacher Librarian Days

We are so excited to be part of TLD 2022 again this year! The conference is online through WHOVA and we will be hosting a Goosechase game for prizes!  The Geeky Teachers are sharing several resources. 

Find a mission highlighting this amazing new resource in Goosechase.  You will also find more information about this in the poster session tab in Whova for Teacher Librarian Days 2022. CLICK HERE to check out the site. Take a glance at our Quick Start One-Pager reference sheet RIGHT HERE to help get you started.

"The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), Newfields Lab of the Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields, the Field Museum, Chicago, and History Colorado, Denver developed MDL as a way for museums of all disciplines to leverage digitized museum collections to help K-12 educators and students.

These founding museums, along with a growing number of museums of all disciplines, regularly upload digitized objects and activity-filled resource kits. If we don’t have a resource kit you need, check back often. New museums continually join MDL and currently-participating museums add new resource kits often."

Jon Maclean and Home Waters
We have been working with Montana Jon Maclean Project and we can't wait to share Mr. Maclean with our TLD participants. His beautiful book highlights the importance of place, preservation and why it is such an important part of our lives. He is speaking Wednesday night and we will be there helping with the questions, chat and answers. We will follow up with this activity and discussion on Thursday morning during Morning Mojo.  We hope to see you there! CLICK HERE for the one-pager resource from the conference to help you dig into his work and the book by his father Norman Maclean as well A River Runs through It.

Padlet and Primary Sources
Padlet hosts multiple board types.  They each offer a different strength when it comes to utilizing primary sources in the classroom. We will explore 6 Padlet Wall types with examples and opportunities for you to try them. Join us Wednesday morning during Morning Mojo to discuss this versatile technology tool and its applications for learning. CLICK HERE for the one pager and to try some examples:

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