Timeline Options for Collaboration

We are working to create a timeline highlighting all of the stake holders and events that led to the Flint Water Crisis. Students will collaborate on the google spreadsheet provided by JS Timeline. All you have to do is make a copy and then share it with your students. Add events, picture files, videos and it even adds citation space so you can be a responsible digital citizen. You can watch our work in progress as we continue to add to this timeline. What project do you have in mind that could use an interactive timeline?


Bracket Busted? Maybe You Need an App Spring Showdown!

It's April and Teachers are trying to come up with engaging ways to review for upcoming end of year tests and testing schedules. Here are four apps that will help you add excitement and variety to the last few weeks of school!  The website walks you through the four apps and gives you ideas and resources to get started or try something new! Which one would you vote for?  Leave your vote and comments on the Dotstorming page to share with other teachers!  

Click on this image to access the website!  


Using Historical Cartoons to Engage Students in Civic Conversations Thorough Multiple Lens

The Library of Congress has a myriad of resources that support outstanding inquiry lessons. In a world that is focused on media, civil discourse (and sometimes not so civil discourse) and primary sources, it is critical to teach students how to think about what they are seeing. 

The Herblock Collection of historic political cartoons is a beautiful way to have students explore issues from history which may still have relevance today. In addition, the Library of Congress Analysis Guides for Political Cartoons can help guide the analysis of these primary sources and provide a foundation for discussion. 

For some exceptional resources that are strong in methodology check out the Project Zero Strategy from Harvard School of Education or these resources we have tweaked with task cards and reflections sheets for group work. 

We are thrilled to share these at #CCSS2018 (The Colorado Council of Social Studies ) and our colleagues. Enjoy and here are more resources too! 


TLD 2018

Thank you for joining us at Teacher Librarian Days. Dr. Schendal, and the geeks sure enjoyed working with you!

Here are the connections to the resources we have shared with you today- ENJOY!

Primary Source and Picture Books QR Codes:

Summer Institute Resources
National Museum of Forest Service History Partnership Resources
Strategies Toolkit Shared by Pearson and Schendel
Books Suggested by Educators at TLD


VSTE Take Your Classroom Around the World in Eighty Ways

Click on the picture for a link to the presentation or use the bit.ly link! 

VSTE in Roanoke, Virginia learning and presenting a session on how to take your classroom around the world in 80 ways!  We encourage our students to collaborate, communicate, think critically and be creative but do we provide the global interactions that will help them move beyond the four walls of our classrooms and practice their digital citizenship in a global way? 

The session covers global projects like the Global Read Aloud, Flat Classroom, Global Climate Project, and joining Paul Salopek, Harvard and National Geographic in the Out of Eden walk around the world.  KIVA and their KIVA U with microloans for people all over the world dealing with poverty will highlight the session.  Come and join us or click on the pictures for the presentation and for at least 80 ways to take your classroom around the world!