On the Days You Need an Alternative to Pinterest...

So-- a question sparked a quest-- one which has also been explored by others but which we will share here after digging around on our own.

The Need? 

To bypass a filter and access a Pinterest-like setting for kids in other tools which would not be filtered out by the school filter.

The Solution? 

Here are several which may be useful. Two apps are included, and several web 2.0 sites. NOTE: we have not long-term tested these sites but rather have done a cruise-by to take a look and play with them. The sites and apps marked Classroom Friendly are those that can serve needs of teachers in an ad-free environment and without the requirement of logging in with social media connections.


Corkulous: Classroom Friendly
Take a look at this cool application which can allow your students to collaborate to create mind maps, poster presentations, brainstorming boards, and many other collaborative tasks. Contained, and secure—it is a paid application which can be immensely useful in the classroom.

A new beta site (request an invite) which allows you to share your content in a user-frindly, safe mode without taking screen shots. Embed video, code, and photos into your own personal portfolio.

Web 2.0 Tools

Quicklinkr: Classroom Friendly
Nice addition to the Pinterst types of social media and easy to use even though it still is in some BETA form. The site is free with no social logins necessary, and it is ad-free. There is also no forced registration with an email which makes it more accessible from multiple devices.


Basically a site for tech geeks—you can find that newest gadget, and latest tech word—all in one spot.You know we had to add it in here right? 


A personal sharing site for you to collect photos, images, video, links, and the like in a pinterest style portfolio.

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