You Might Be a Geeky Teacher if You Use Picture Editing in Your Classroom!

Picture editing can help you to enhance teaching tools, presentations and can even be used for assessment and technology assignments. Recently, I created a scavenger hunt that included links to edited pictures adding information to pictures in our school. You can add text or an avatar to a picture or change it and add effects. The tools that we list here do not require accounts and work quickly.  You can just upload a picture, edit and save!  Here are some of our favorites! 

Pic Monkey:  This is our go to site for picture editing!  We learned about it at a Google Summit Conference and one of the first picture editing tries involved creating a Death Star and labeling it!  They have added school resources just this week in their toolbar and you don't have to create an account to edit a picture!  It can make you look like a rockstar!  Check out the before and after of this quick attempt at editing a picture.

Cartoonize:  You can add items, effects or edits.  Here is a before and after of a picture that has been cartoonized!  The options are endless!


Cartoonized by Cartoonize.net

Gross Out:  Add Gross cartoon effects to any picture!  

Here is a link to a long list of great picture editing tools from Educational Technology and Mobile Learning.  What a great way to engage students in their learning!  

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