You Might Be a Geeky Teacher if you can Create a Survey or Poll!

There are some great web 2.0 tools you can use to create and conduct  polls and surveys instantly and for free! These tools are free and very simple to use. Most of them have embed codes to use when  sharing them  on your classroom blog or website.

  • Feedback from students and learners
  • Pre-Assessment 
  • Use in a Flipped Classroom senario for homework
  • Learning about students interests and progress
  • Quizzes and Assessments
  • Exit Slips
  • Reflection - we use a Google form to quickly evaluation how our lesson went and ways to improve
  • You name it!  
*My favorite is Google Forms!  We use these constantly for staff and students!  Anytime you need quick information, these are perfect!  The entered information is put in a spreadsheet and you can access and manipulate the results including graphs and real time information!  

*I have used Wiffiti and really like the pop up look of it in the past.  I discovered this week that they are re-branding and changing their name to Locamoda.  It still has the same great pop up features and you can use your cell phone to text in your answer!  Love to use this as a back channel for a conference or presentation!


*Kwiqpoll is a simple poll making tool. It does not require any registration. Just visit the homepage and start creating  you poll right away. You have the choice to provide multiple choice answers. You will also be provided with a generated URL to use when sharing your polls.

poll tools for teachers

* Flisti
poll tools for teachers
This is another great simple poll tool. It is very easy to use and resembles Kwiqpoll in that it does not call for any sign up. Just head over to its main page and start working on your poll. You can add as many answers as you want to your poll. Again , you can embed your polls in your blog, wiki or website

poll tools for teachers

This is another popular polling service that allows users to create free polls and surveys containing up to ten questions.


poll tools for teachers

Micropoll allows users to instantly create a poll using a set of questions and answers then one email address. It also provides embed codes to share polls online.

poll tools for teachers

Polls and surveys for Facebook, Twitter and Blogs!

*Kwik Surveys

poll tools for teachers

This is another great polling service. It allows users to design their own surveys, form, polls and feedback forms. It is free but it does require a sign up.


poll tools for teachers

This is a great polling tool. We love to use it on Texting Tuesdays when we allow the kids to bring their cell phones and answer questions and join in a discussion in real time during class.   It has different pricing plans and also has a free plan but very limited and allows for just 40 responses per poll. 

poll tools for teachers

This is another easy and simple poll creating tool. It basically allows users to create their own surveys or online invitations. It does not require any registration.

Survey Mapper

poll tools for teachers

This is a free real-time geographic survey and polling tool which has also the same basic functions as most of the tools above. There is also a featured tutorial on its homepage to walk you through the process of creating a survey. It requires a registration.

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