You Might Be a Geeky Teacher if You Introduce Makey Makey to Your Students

Today I introduced Makey Makey from two M.I.T. graduate students to my students. The power of inquiry is amazing. I funded this project using Donorschoose.org and with matching contributions, I had 6 Makey Makey's within a few weeks!  We had a short lesson on what a Makey Makey is and how to basically hook it up and then they worked together in teams to make it work. All of the 4 C's of 21st Century Learning were covered today! Every time a student identified when we were doing one of the 4 C's, they raised their hand and said it out loud! "Collaborate!" or "Communicate" or "Critical Thinking" and finally "Creativity". This exercise covers all 4 and they could identify when it did. It was incredible. Here are some pictures, notice the joy on their faces. After the hour was over they didn't want to stop and asked to stay. I love those kinds of days!

Makey Makey

Digital Literacy Skills:
  • 5.1 Generates and revises inquiry questions or problems as needed to arrive at a manageable topic.
  • 5.12 Uses keyboard efficiently including shortcuts, arrows, backspace, shift etc.
  • 5.16 Applies knowledge of similar characteristics in various technologies to effectively use new tools.
  • 5.19 Uses technology to work collaboratively with peers
  • Define the tenets and processes of industrial design with an emphasis on ergonomics.
  • Sketch and create video game controller prototypes.
  • Assess the prototype designs through user testing (observation, survey, focus groups).
  • Modify designs based on user testing.

Day 1:

1.  Show video to introduce what a Makey Makey is:http://youtu.be/1m2iQ4fws8Y
2.  Walk through the steps of What is a Makey Makey and what can I do. http://makeymakey.com/
3.  Create a piano keyboard using demonstration computer, Makey Makey, bananas, pennies and a person http://makeymakey.com/piano/
4.  Using table groups, divide the students up into 6 groups.  Together using a netbook, walk through hooking up the drums http://makeymakey.com/howto.php  Load this link into their edmodo accounts.  Have three things that conduct electricity on each table with the netbook.
5.  Formative assessment - class checklist of who was able to make all keys work and play all of the drums.

Day 2:
1.  Meet with your group and develop a plan to use Makey Makey in another way.  Watch some of the demonstration videos on this site:  http://makeymakey.com/gallery/  You can use either side of the Makey Makey to make your creation.  
2.You will determine and bring the supplies that your group needs.  
3. You will use iMovie to film your Makey Makey in action.  
4. The best Makey Makey inventions will be uploaded to the Makey Makey site!  Bring supplies to next class.

Day 3:  
1.  Using your supplies and plan, put your invention together and film it working.
2.  Export the movie to your email and turn in the link to edmodo.  


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  1. Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your blog and how educational it is for other teachers. What a gift you are!