Pear Deck and Primary Sources

We haven't been this excited about a new tool for a while! Pear Deck does it all and it does it with flair! Who can resist Peary? Remote learning needs an asynchronous super hero and Pear Deck is able to leap tall buildings in a single bound with his green super-cape - and you can join him in the magic! Students of all ages can interact with Peary- he's not just for littles. 

We are using Pear Deck to create primary source inquiry sets that engage students! Come to our webinar on Wednesday, April 15th because who wouldn't rather do that than pay taxes? And because you won't be sorry - you will walk away with resources and great ways to use this wonderful tool in the classroom! 

Learn a new tool, a way to snag your students and engage in questioning, inquiry, reflection and fun while creating great lessons!  Click here for a copy of the presentation.

Join Us!

We will be walking through how to use Pear Deck for the first half of the webinar and then how to use Pear Deck with primary sources!  We can't wait to share some of the possibilities.  Want a SNEAK PEAK?  Try using Pear Deck with the Library of Congress Analysis Tool right here and visit Antietam with Peary through analysis of a map.We couldn't resist doing a Primary Sources with Peary about Commander Robert E. Peary!  Click HERE for your own copy!  

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