Pear Deck

Pear Deck Bills Itself as the Fastest Way to Transform Presentations into Classroom Conversations and We Agree!  

Take your google slide show and transform it into an engaging interactive lesson for your students.  You can do this as a class and control the pacing of the lesson or you can set it so that students can work at their own speed.  Pear Deck is offers a trial subscription.  Once the teachers in my school tried it, they decided to include a school subscription in their building budget and use it almost daily! Just load a google slide show, add the Pear Deck add-on and start engaging students.  You can use the library of questions already created in Pear Deck or make your own.  

Pear Deck offers a library of resources, slides, tips and ideas for implementing Pear Deck.  They also partner with Newsela and a Daily Deck!  Wow!  Start with the classroom culture and move to other presentation ideas! 

Here are some Geeky Teacher directions and specifics about how to get started! 

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