Fake News and Media Literacy: Resources for Educators

As a teacher and teacher-librarian, we often collaborate with others on the effective use of media in the classroom, how we can help our students be media savvy, and understanding the positives and negatives of being online. As we work with others, particularly the Teaching with Primary Sources team from the Western Region of the Library of Congress,  we continue to find amazing resources to share and are listing them here as reference. Take a look and share them with your students and hep them understand fake news! 

Resources for Understanding a Digital Footprint:

Teaching Students How to Evaluate Websites:

Infographics on Fake News:

Presentation on Media Literacy - In cooperation with the Library of Congress Western Region of the Teaching With Primary Sources team: 

Reference Articles and Presentations:

Library of Congress: Fake News
The Media Myth and Fake News from the Library of Congress

Lesson Plans: 

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