Kahoot and Primary Sources! It's a Hoot!

We finished a unit where students studied one person who was influential in the founding of our colorful Colorado!  The students studied and dressed up to represent their Coloradoan.  Parents came to celebrate with us and listen to these wonderful wax museum presentations.  At the end of the evening, we challenged the parents to a Kahoot about these important Colorado people.  It was the most successful event ever and parents were very engaged and even commented on social media about how fun it was.  Here are a few screenshots of the game, primary sources and how we utilized it.   Parents just went to the website Kahoot.it and typed in the code and a nickname.  After every question, the top scorers are listed on the screen.  It makes for an exciting game show style quiz format.  Try Kahoot!   Here is a link to their Blog for a few more ideas!

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