What Are You Teaching About Constitution Day?

For the fifth year, teachers and friends gathered before dawn to honor our country and Constitution Day by placing 100 flags ( Or thereabouts) around the entrance to our school. It has been a reminder to not only the community, but the students, of the importance of our rights and responsibilities as a nation. It is amazing the response. Even this morning in the dark, joggers thanked us for allowing them to jog by the flag, and a dog walker said they were taking an extra loop around the field to enjoy the feeling of patriotism.

For these two teachers that is part of it.

Even more,  it is a visual reminder and honoring of what our forefathers laid ground with so many years ago those ideals that ask us to honor our nation, collectively work for good, be a responsible and active citizen, work to eliminate injustice, and be proud to be an American. 

Today are you teaching about Constitution Day?  Join in using some of these resources to bring this document and civic learning to your classroom!

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