Google Search Strategies

I've been working with my 21st Century Learning students on search strategies.  We started with a hoax site and learned that we can't trust everything on the web.  We decided that we should have some background knowledge using a book or a subscription database because we know how those are created before we head out to the world wide web.  Once we have some background knowledge from a trusted resource, we choose a search engine and work to find the information we want for our research.  We use some of these search strategies:

GFC.Learnfree.org is a great resource that I just learned about.  They have cheat sheets and other kid friendly resources like this on their site: 
Screenshot of cheat sheet
I was thrilled to learn about searching for images and sorting them based on their copyright and permissions.  This screen shot shows you how to search for images that you have permission to use.  

You can also search and sort by reading level to differentiate for your students using these search tools:

Use some of these simple tools and strategies to help your students become savvy internet users!  

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