He Started His Homework Early...Sort Of.

Do you ever have those days? You know the ones where there are three million things going on and you think you have all but two million figured out, and then two hours before bed just when you get home after a late day at work and a child says I have homework. 

Here was our conversation .....

Mom: When is it due?

Kiddo: Tomorrow. A "How to Project for Geography." Don't worry Mom-- the big part is due next week. I just need to have part of it done. Food and a country-- I chose Italy.

(Mom stalls and thinks of the other million things between now and Tuesday that need to be accomplished and pictures of rolling meatballs and spaghetti sauce in the kitchen as a kiddo cooks. Uh Oh)

Mom: What?  (Insert grimace, groan, and a few choice thoughts here playng in the geeky brain) Why didn't you say something?

Kiddo : Well only part of it is due tomorrow - the start of my presentation -- the food part. I remembered the paper though...and I brought it home.

(Kiddo fishes it out of the backpack crumpled with brief instructions and some scribbled notes by said kiddo.)

Mom: Well hallelujah on remembering that! Have you done your research? Are the websites RADCAB'ed? ( www.radcab.com) What do you have to present? How do you have to present it? What supplies do you need? ETC ETC ETC...

Kiddo: Don't worry Mom... I got you covered. I have it all planned out....but I don't want to do just a powerpoint.We have to do that but I thought I could add extra junk. I want to make a timeline and a movie too.

Mom: Any idea how you plan on doing that? ( Visions of 21st century tools are dancing in her head )

Kiddo: Well I can take pictures and use Animoto. That is easy and you don't have to write much and it looks professional and Mom-- they have Italian music on it too which is a BONUS!

(Groan. UGH. Mom thinks that this comment is the antithesis of what he should be thinking and writing. She is about to assign an additional essay, but then realizes he has to have a powerpoint too with extended writing pieces, and then reminds herself not to mention any other tools like Prezi or this could be an all-nighter and frustration will abound and this is HIS project. Besides he is excited about it even though it is an hour before bed.)

Mom: What do you plan on making?

Kiddo: Gelato. I thought about doing German pretzels but then we would have to make 93 of them and I don't want to bake all of those and with a broken arm I can't fold them right. SOOOO I will just give everyone a spoon and we can share the gelato. But it can't have nuts and we can use the strawberries you bought.

Mom: (Thinking there goes that lunch treat and breakfast addition-- bring on the strawberry gelato-- and at least he had the foresight to not make 93 pretzels while he is 1/2 casted on his right arm.)

Gelato made, pictures taken, Animoto created by one handed typing, happy boy, late bedtime, project started, gelato in the freezer. Just don't ask what the kitchen looks like. Oh ... and they better have a freezer at school.

And here are the results (On mom's account for safety reasons) and I'd share some Gelato but I'm eating some for breakfast.

Gelato Homework Adventure.

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