Flat Classroom Handshakes Via Jigsaw Planet

I am in the middle of one of my favorite units of the year with my 5th graders!  The Flat Classroom, Week in the Life Project.  My students are placed in teams with 8 other students who live all around the world.  These teams collaborate on a topic and create a multimedia presentation together online about their topic.  It is amazing to see them brainstorm at different times of the day and then come together to create something meaningful with people you have only met online.  We start the project by meeting online and introducing our classes.  Then the students are assigned to groups and they get to introduce themselves.  As the teacher, I am assigned to oversee 4 groups in the project.  We used Jigsaw Planet and Voki to introduce ourselves.  Other classes used fotobabble, wordle, animoto and other web 2.0 tools.  Here are a few samples!

preview6 pieceTerracotta Teacher

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