Michelle Attends Biennial of Americas

July 19, 2013  

Proud to be with educational leaders at the Biennial of Americas at History Colorado talking about the future of technology in education and early childhood education. The ideas are flowing already!

International round table on early education... Nicaragua, Canada, Brazil, US, Chile, Argentina, and Mexico. Many translators and incredible voices here today!

Technology allows people to access education... something that was once only a dream but is now a reality-- an education. Some classrooms look the same now as they did 100 years ago. We need to look at the flipped classroom model and thinkabout how technology will better serve our students. Currently 40% of our online students are from the developing world. The capacity of the developing world cannot handle the want and need for education. Now with technology we can provide access to education around. We can turn education from something for the few to a basic human right. ~Daphne Koller (Coursera)

How do we work together to create an international system that advocates for students from cradle to career? We have a desperate need for pre-k education and the cost of college is a huge issue and we need to make a massive investment. We need to get great teachers to at-risk communities. If we want to build a thriving middle class and upwards mobility for all then we have to focus on education. ~Arne Duncan, DOE

And ... after a long hot panel.. Secretary Duncan send a shout out to the NNSTOY crowd for a great conference this week and "was thrilled with the energy and ideas shared." Yay!

How cool-- Discovery Education is recognizing the power of multimedia and the average 8th and 9th grader and that engagement is their developmental future. By looking at the power of Netflix and harnessing servers to deliver multimedia and video to the far reaches of developing countries we can make a difference in new ways. We know that engagement is trans-formative for students! ~John Hendricks, Discovery Communications

Thanks Sen. Udall...for all you do for positive Ed reform and for as always asking how the preservation efforts of the Youth Summit gang are going! That was a fast 5 minute update but thanks for climbing the mountain for educators and students!!

Ok is it too geeky to say I just had one of the best chats of the day with the CEO of Netflix... Geek goosebumps!! His comment about his user demographics... Primarily under 40. Yup. I have a household to prove it!!