21st Century Libraries and Teacher Librarians Must Evolve and are an Indispensable part of Successful Schools!

From the June 2013 issue of Teacher-Librarian journal by David Loertscher and Elizabeth "Betty" Marcoux:
There isn't a more relevant book out on what is happening and can be happening in school libraries today. An update to Johnson's 1997 edition, this second edition embraces technology and clearly states that transformation isn't an option for school library programs today. It has practical strategies and solutions for many concerns teacher librarians have today in their programs, and it stealthily encourages teacher librarian professionals to not only be on the "bandwagon" of change, but also to lead it. Johnson explores a range of school library issues, from planning success, embracing and influencing curriculum, to sheer survival of the program. Not to be missed. Highly recommended.
David Loertscher is a must read for Librarian Reformers!