Tools A-Plenty

After three years the Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources Gang at the Western Regional Center, and these geeky teachers, have collected a wide variety of tools to help with the effective integration of technology and primary sources into the classroom. Launched in 2010, the TPSI  (Teaching with Primary Sources and Inquiry) wiki houses tools and techniques which can help you engage students in learning. It is an ongoing work in progress but there is enough up there now that YOU can dig around and find something great to use with your students.

TPSI wiki

Why do we like this set-up?
* It's free!
* It's easy to navigate, and easy to learn about the HOW and WHY of the tools you are using in the classroom.
* You can learn about the resource, but also clearly understand how to set it up, manage your tool, and launch it in the classroom for the benefit of student learning.
* You can see the tips and tricks from other teachers which allow you to manage this technology in the classroom in an easier format than other sites
* The wiki is a work in progress so your ideas and contributions are welcome!

Take a look at this site which will allow you to explore the tools that will help you with inquiry in the classroom!