Here I am...sitting on a bench staring at one of the very first computers at the National American History Museum in Washington, DC and I am playing on my iPad. It almost feels like the right place to be digging around in a list of mobile technology apps. I have spent the last two days at the National Council for Social Studies conference presenting and learning from others. I love working at a conference...it gives me the opportunity to share and collaborate with other great educators. And I come back rejuvenated and energized with great ideas. That sure happened today, and while I sit and rest my feet and enjoy a quiet space to write, I thought I would share a great app site!

APPitic is a website supported by Apple educators and is an amazing find!Here in one spot is a categorized list of educational applications for students and teachers. Listed by theme, subject, purpose, and pedagogy the site offers a wealth of information and resources at your fingertips. But the best part? The apps are also listed by blooms technology strands and Multiple Intelligence's categories. Now that is brilliant!

Wow! Something to play with and explore...and drop into the classroom. Great move Apple! Nailed it.

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