Well we have to launch something.....we have too many sticky notes lying around!

Well we are now taking the plunge. Who are we? Two geeky teachers who collaborate, laugh, cry, cheer, celebrate, and dream big and small. But when does it happen? Before school, in a caught moment in the hall, late at night on cell phones when a great idea hits, and usually on the fly. But we are definately committed...

Committed to chocolate, Diet Pepsi and a Mountain Dew even at 6:30 am, stuck on our Diigo accounts, netbooks, and iPads, and anything else that brings learning alive to our kids in the K-8 school we call home. We're some of the last to leave, some of the first to arrive, and the work never ends. But the bottom line is that we are committed to our kids at home and those we teach, and the only way we sometimes manage is to have two husbands who just plain put up with us. Who are they? The guys who just roll their eyes at the next new idea, cheer us on, and give us a shoulder to cry on when that kind of day is done, and support us in every way possible.

Bottom line... in an era of budget cuts, limited resources, and 21st Century Learning we have decided that it is time to take all the stuff we keep and talking about and implementing in the classroom, and park it in one spot. That way, we can stop looking for "that post-it note" and keep running to the next thing we have to grade, edit, digest, read, or find. So here you will see our classroom trials and tribulations ~ sometimes with a bit of humor, sometimes with some frustration, but most of all so that we can have a running log of all the things that work ( and those that sometimes don't ) to bring our kids to the edge of global learning in the classroom.

We aren't perfect, we don't always agree, we can usually finish each others sentences, and we are brave enough to try something even when it means a 2 am morning. Why? It's about who we teach. If you are reading this -- welcome! Join us for the ride. It may be bumpy but we're from Colorado so we are used to mountain trails with just a few turns, bumps, and celebrations along the way. We're glad you visited!