National History Day: Resources For Work with Students

Photo Courtesy of NHD National Program


We were pleased to be part of the Colorado National History Day training hosted at History Colorado this week. Even though this was hosted at History Colorado we believe that the resources would be helpful to other educators and participants across the United States so we are sharing them here!

Technology Tools to Support Student Presentations for NHD

Fake News Resources

Project Archaeology Resources

Resources from History Colorado

Underrepresented Resources for the National Register from OAHP

Colorado Encyclopedia

Rocky Mountain PBS Colorado Experience

COMPASS Research Resources and Database

National History Day Resources for Students

National History Day Resources for Teachers


Celebrate Your Inner Space Geek and Share it With Your Students!

Crowd of people looking at eclipse in Paris, France. Photo from the Library of Congress

Yep. we are both more than a little excited about this once in a lifetime experience. The Solar Eclipse on August 21st offers a great chance to truly teach (with active learning and observation), about the cosmos.

We have compiled a list of resources for use while teaching about the eclipse including webinars, lectures, podcasts, lesson plans, maps.... well you get the picture. The list goes on and on. We have also worked with great partners to create some resources and have collaborated with them as well to curate resources. Click on the links below to access the resources and feel free to share them with others!

Most importantly...Be safe! Be outside but protect your eyes. Check out this NASA link for safety tips.


For a great link to historical primary sources and content from the Library of Congress check out this Annotated Resource Set created by the Western Region Teaching with Primary Sources team.

For links to the upcoming MiniPages and student developed content check out the Colorado Newspapers in Education resource page.

For resources from science and space partners like NASA and the American Astronomical Association (and who could forget Bill Nye) click here.

For recommendations from the National Park Service and National Park Foundation click here.

For webinars, podcasts, and video check out this link

For lesson plans check out this link.

For articles and student content check out this link.

For the whole list - just click here and share!

As a closing note .... we wanted to share one of our favorite videos that tells students about each phase of an eclipse, how to see it in the totality plain and the C1, C2, C3 and C4 phases!  Don't miss each part of an eclipse and meet a fellow geek who created an app that will help you identify the exact place to stand to see a total eclipse and follow the phases!  Bring on the Shadow Snakes, Diamond Ring and Bailey's Beads!

Thank you #smartereveryday !


You Might Be a Geeky Teacher If You Are Nearpod Certified!

Nearpod is a wonderful application that allows teachers to control student screens, delivery and the pace of their lesson.  It is so easy to use!  You can start with one of their lessons from the library or upload your PowerPoint or Google slides and then add interactive quizzes, 3D puzzles, virtual reality field trips, drawing, memory games, websites and so much more to your lesson! 

Check out this training tutorial to get started!
I'm Certified!  You can earn a badge too! 

I wish someone had told me:
-How easy Nearpod is!
-How to upload my slides and add cool stuff!
-How to see the storyboard to differentiate lesson! (scroll over the bottom and slides will pop up and you can decide what your students interact with next)
- How to become a Nearpod Certified Educator!
Click on the link to see the requirements.  Attend a webinar or training sessons, create your  account, teach 5 lessons and apply to Nearpod!